The Clinical Intelligence evidence-based clinical outcomes web-based application suite consists of a toolkit designed specifically for clinicians and medical researchers to gain an insight into clinical outcomes that may not otherwise be available without extensive manual collation of data through more primitive mediums such as Microsoft Excel. ICM is centered on the collection of patient information through the distribution and collation of questionnaires and additionally providing tools and services to analyze the collected data.


It allows patients to have access to fill the book appointment, fill questionnaires assigned by clinics, view appointment statuses (time/date), and as well as recovery details and questionnaires.



ICM helps the clinics to get more manageable and organized. It helps the Clinics to add their patients in that have requested the appointments and diagnosis by viewing their details and availability status of patients as well as doctors and making their appointments.



An essential feature of the app is that you can put the record of the client details on one page. It is a highly interactive and detailed page where all the client information can be put in. The clinic will fill in the client theme along with the billing information that will include billing contact, address, phone, a suburb along with all the necessary details required to know and reach the patient.



Complete information of clinics is available including their location, Phone number, fax, postcode, country, etc. so that it can be recorded for security purposes as well as can be viewed by the patients in detail so that making it easy for patients to choose a clinic more suitable to them.


ICM provides a unique property of the Opioid Dose Calculator. It helps the patient for calculation of their dose by filling in the mg per day* for whichever opioids your patient is taking. The web page will automatically calculate the total morphine equivalents per day. This toolkit provides steps to calculate patients' average daily morphine equivalent dose (MED), which converts various prescription opioids and strengths into one standard value.



The most important part of this App is that it has a secured system with a super admin facility that can examine, organize, and monitor the whole patient’s portal as well as the clinical one.



ICM allows the clinics to facilitate them and their patients by providing the ability to online treatment. Physicians, as after reviewing the patient’s medical history, medical records, and lab results can diagnose the patient more efficiently by providing the flexibility of patient health monitoring and then timely updating the treatment plans of that particular patient. A doctor can add a treatment plan for a specific patient and can change it overtime when needed.



This feature further helps the user or clinician to arrange the type of treatment that a particular patient requires with all the details of the appointment, their description, timings, etc.


ICM helps the physicians to treat their patients more effectively. It allows the Clinics to create & assign Questionnaires to Patients to make the process of Treatment/Diagnosis better & efficient. Physicians are permitted to develop questionnaires according to their patient’s disease and diagnosis